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    Adjusting Chain line on Kilo TT Pro: Has anyone tried this?

    I not too long ago corrected the chain line on my Kilo TT Pro by changing the BB to a Phil Wood 103mm which I'm sure most of you know is adjustable side to side because the cups don't contact the BB shell. The crankset, by the way, was the stock RD-2 which came with the bike. The Phil BB was a big improvement (an expensive one, I admit) and did allow adjustment of the chain line from 46mm to 42mm. I know some suggest reinstalling the chainring to the inboard side of the crank spider but I found this over corrected by about 2-3mm. OK, here's my question and thanks for your patience:
    Has anyone tried grinding the drive side flange off of a standard type BB to make it adjustable the way the Phil Wood one is and installed in a similar manner. Thanks in advance for any advise.

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    Some BBs require a very tight fixed position cup on one side to ensure location. Many of these, including Campy cannot tolerate the high compression between the cups required to keep the entire unit from walking within the BB shell.

    You can make an informed judgment call as to whether grinding off the flange will work, by looking at installation torque specs. If both right and left cups are equally high, it'll probably be OK. If the second cup has a lower torque spec, you won't be able to tighten enough without the flange.
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    I don't know brand specifics on the rest of the bike,

    But Phil Wood BB's can also be shifted
    by pressing the axle thru the bearings to create asymmetry.
    because the axle itself is smooth and a tight press fit in the bearings.

    I have done this by stacking the 2 removal/installation tools Up
    plus adding a Fender washer or 2 for strength and using a crank fixing bolt
    [and a crescent wrench to hold it (opposite end) , or just stick the L crank arm on]..
    tighten the bolt and it moves the axle within the bearings.

    Of course you can also ship the BB back to San Jose,
    and they will put in a different length axle in.
    for less than buying a new BB..

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