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    Cannondale BBU question (wish to convert to a rigid fork)

    I recently bought a used 2003 BBU with the old Headshok fork. I'll admit that I was smitten by the looks of it and wasn't aware of the reputation for failure that this fork has. It seemed to operate okay but when I wasn't able to lock it out I phoned Cannondale and they confirmed that it needed servicing. I know about the tradeout program but I'm thinking of swapping out for a rigid fork. Cannondale recommended the Cane Creek converter but from what I've gathered all I need is the adapters sold on ebay and a common 1 1/8" fork. The question is, does anyone have any specific recommendations for a rigid fork that would complement the design and style of the BBU?
    I know nothing about forks but if anyone has any experience with and are happy with their choice in an aftermarket rigid fork for the BBU I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Any 1 1/2" to 1 1/8" adaptor should work. You should look for a suspension corrected rigid fork so as not to mess up your bike's geometry.
    I suggest a Surly 1X1 fork.

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