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    Crank and bottom bracket not compatible (not what you might think). Options?

    I've got a Shimano FC-1056 crankset that I intended to use on my Peugeot UO-9 conversion. I purchased a threadless bottom bracket from Velo-Orange with a 107mm spindle (correct length as per Shimano), and due to the extra thickness of the BB cups, when I torque down the crank arms the bottom bracket binds. It seems the inside of the bottom bracket cups are pressing on the bearings when the crank arms are properly torqued.

    Is it safe to grind the back of the crank arms for more clearance?

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    Within reason, shaving a bit off the arm won't be an issue. But use a file. When you grind aluminum it tends to get hot and load up the wheel very quickly.
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