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    I want to change my Surly Cross Check from stock drop bars to trekking bars.

    I want to use those. I'm aware (through this forum) that the thumb end shifters I have now will not work with out something called Paul's thumbies. They cost quite a bit, and I'm not addicted to my thumbshifters.

    Also, I know that my road style brakes have to be replaced.

    So my question is - can I replace just my shifters and brakes, or does the whole derailleur/brake system have to be replaced?

    Finally, what is the most economical/reliable set of shifters and brakes you would recommend to fit on these bars that would work with my stock cross check?


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    The brakes and derailers should work fine, all you're going to need is a new cockpit.

    Just about any mountain bike lever that's marketed for use with cantilever brakes will work.

    As far as shifters goes, you don't have many options. You can either go with the Thumbies you mentioned, which are beautiful, but not cheap, or you can use a pair of the ubiquitous Falcon thumb shifters, which are cheap, but in no way beautiful.

    You could try and track down a used pair of Suntour Power Ratchet thumb shifters, which would be my preference, they show up on ebay quite often, are usually reasonably priced, and work beautifully.

    You can also find the appropriate indexing lever for your cassette, which would be moderately priced, but slightly less versatile.

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