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    Ultegra 6700 11-28 cassette lockring crush washer

    I removed the cassette on my bike for the first time last night and whoever put the lockring on really torqued it down, thank god I just bought a set of the vice whip pliers or I would have never got it off.

    Anyway, the lockring crush washer was smashed and broken in two pieces. I have a new washer for a 12t lockring, it fits properly around the threads but overhangs the lockring by about 1mm. Do you think I could use it? Is it even necessary?

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    That washer is not essential. Don't use the larger one because the chain will probably ride on it and cause skipping and unwanted wear on the cog teeth.

    A better way of removing an extra tight lockring is to use the skewer to hold the lockring tool in place while loosening with a crescent or open end wrench.

    If you have any doubts, use a torque wrench when installing the lockring.

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