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Thread: Pro-flex 756

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    Pro-flex 756

    I found this bike, a pro-flex 756, in a dumpster. As you can see in the pictures, the front and rear shocks are missing. After a little research, I discovered the parts I would need to replace these use elastomer. I am not a fan.

    What I would like to know is, can I replace these missing parts with something spring based, or perhaps another equally useful alternative? I'm looking for the cheapest parts for now, as I'm new to biking / don't have alot of money / have no idea what I'm doing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


    P.S. If these pictures are not sufficient, I can take some more and upload them, just let me know. This is true for the information I provided for the bike as well. Let me know if I missed anything important.

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    I am not sure if you can or not. it may be a trial and error process. nice looking bike though, if it was mine I would have just put some stell or alloy spacers in to make it rigid until I could find some whatever to fit.

    is that Deore LX? looks '94ish

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    There is a reason that was dumped, as spares are almost non-existant for it (google and you will see), as the design is around 20 years old, and they haven't made anything like that for at least 10. Would also be concerned with fatigue cracks on a bike that age.

    You say you haven't got much money, would suggest your best option would be to break what you have, and sell on ebay, and use any proceeds to fund a complete bike.

    The idea that Bianchigrill give is not possible, as you are missing a support strut at the rear, and without this it is not rideable.

    The cost to the replacement shocks if they you could source them, would probably be more than a new bike would cost, this is a really bad example for a first time restore / refurb, suggest you find something a little more conventional, or that has all the key parts to start with.

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