Hope to get some help here. I tend to rebuild most of the bikes iI get my hands on to 3 speeds these days..

Found a good Pug frame 60 cm at a flea marked last year. Becouse of the gear range (big front chainrings) and general dislike of fiddeling with der bikes we decided to turn also this one into a 3 speed.

Had a wheelset from an almost unused (gaspipe) 3 speed w 590 wheels and put 37 tyres on. Some oil in the SA hub and a used chain. Started riding it just to see if it worked.

There are some "creaking sounds" that we can not find and suspect chain/chainline/cog/chainwheel.

Greased and adjusted the lovely stock pedals.
Used a standard sprocket for hub bikes. Dished, 21 teeth.
Some old SS chain.
Original front (small) chainring, filing down the tooth on the big one later for a "chainguard" effect. Put some washers for better chainline.

Of course we`ll buy a new chain, but we really are not sure what to look for. Chainline is not perfect (difficult to measure) but should not be the only reason for thesounds. I did not ride the bike yet since it is a bit big..

What do you guys do? Been looking for a slimmer (for der chains)sprocket in the rear, and would like one w no dish but not sure where to get one.

He`d like to keep the chainrings/crank in the front for the looks and I agree. Do you use these chainrings w SS chains & cogs or look for slim sprockets, and where do you find them? I am in Europe.