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    Is there any downside to mixing chainrings with a friction shift 7 speed?

    I want to try a larger inner chainring, a 42T or 44T. The outer is a pre SIS Shimano 600 52T 3/32.

    For the inner is there any real downside with using a Shimano SuperGlide 3/32. or a Sugino Standard, no ramps or pins 8-speed, Chain Compatibility:9-Speed, 3/32, with my existing large ring? (they are both pretty affordable)

    Or would there be any advantage to get both rings Shimano SuperGlide?

    It's friction shift with a Suntour Winner 13-23, 7 speed freewheel. Thanks for any input.
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    If both rings are a matched set of Super(or hyper or whatever) Glide rings, you'll get crisper shifting as the chain will be phased to smoothly engage as it passes through the shift gate (cut down tooth).

    If they're not a matched set, don't pay extra for just one. Either way for friction shifting it won't make much difference because you're using touch to shift and trim so the gates aren't as important. We shifted fine without gates for decades before index shifting made them necessary.
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    It's friction shift
    that makes most combinations work, just a bit of left hand retraining.

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