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    Can't remove Bottom Bracket (Truvativ Power Spline)

    Hi there,

    this is my first post, so please be patient.

    I have a Boardman (Hybrid, not MTB) Team, 2 years old, and a few days back my non-drive side crankarm fell off. I checked and apparently the crank bolt broke off, with one half still stuck deep inside the BB. I checked on bikeradar and other sites and concluded that it will be impossible to get the bolt out and replace it, and that I would have to replace the BB. I now have two questions: how do I get it out, and what best to replace it with?

    1) How do I get the BB out?
    I followed the various instructions here and elsewhere, removed the drive side bolt and crankarm using an extractor, and also removed the non-drive side cup. But I did not manage to get the BB out. According to the Boardman manual it is a Truvativ Power Spline. And the tool I am using is similar to the one pictured here:

    However, I cannot get the BB out. I am turning it into the correct direction (clockwise) but it does not move, despite intense force. Am I using the right tool? For although the splines of the tool fit those of the bracket, they do not go in very far (maybe 2 mm), so I am sliding off easily and am not getting a good grip.

    2) Replacement
    Once I have had it out, what should I order to replace it with, without having to replace crank arms, chainrings etc. also? Or is another Truvativ Power Spline good enough?


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    That's not an uncommon problem.

    One solution is to chuck your BB remover vertically in a sturdy bench vise. Then thread your whole bike frame onto the tool and, after thinking which direction you need to turn, using the whole bike frame as a lever to remove the BB. Whenever I've done this in the past I've gotten an assistant to help me keep the bike square with the tool. The BB has always come out more easily than I expected.

    Another solution is to use a clamp loosly around the BB tool and the bike frame to keep the tool square with the splines. Then find something to use for a lever arm to produce the torque that you need. It probably won't take anything huge, once you master the issue of keeping the tool square the BB usually comes out fairly easily.

    Good luck.

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