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    Campy UT 10 speed crank- can I run a campy 9 speed system on it?

    I have a campy ultra torque crank on a 10s system and I just love it.
    assuming i had campy 9 speed shifters,chain,cogs- would the crankset work with the 9 speed campy chain?
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    Yes, but with one possible limitation. The chainrings are the same, but spaced slightly closer, so there's a bit more limitation in the angle allowed for the chain coming from the outside.

    It's possible that with the chain on the inner ring, it'll brush the outer when coming from the outer cassette sprockets. The degree depends on chainline, and will be more of an issue in the cranks are more inboard. Hopefully it'll only be a problem when crossed outer to inner, which most don't ride anyway. If it's too limiting the remedy is simple, add 1/2mm spacers between the rings. But you can cross that bridge if and when you come to it.
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    When Campy went from 9 to 10 they scalloped the big ring on the back side of the chainring to get the spacing closer. The actual spider on 8/9/10 was always the same. Branford Bike used to sell spacers that would bring the chainrings back to 8/9 sp spacing. I would try the spacers if you're using a 9 sp chain to avoid any problems. Good luck
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