I just bought a 2011 Cross Check complete and would like to add cross levers. The CC's front brake cable stop is a headset-mounted stop with a curved noodle guide (see http://www.surlybikes.com/uploads/bikes/BK7156.jpg) and I fear that using that stop might mean not enough housing between the cross levers and cable stop, and suboptimal cable routing.

Would it be better to install a new cable stop on the fork that would allow me to use more housing up front, and more graceful routing, something like http://harriscyclery.net/product/var...black-1805.htm? If so, how much better (i.e., should I not bother installing my cross levers with the stock Surly headset noodle stop)?

FWIW, I already have the cross levers I intend to use, silver-bladed Tektro RL720s, to match the drop levers.