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    centerlock brakes - loosening, tighening, torquing

    i've got a cassette tool on the way to change out my centerlock disk rotors. torque spec on the old & new parts are 40NM.

    do i need to brace the rotor to loosen, tighten and torque it? or just hold the rim/tire?

    any tips or tricks for this?

    should i flush out the gunk from that part of the hub while it's apart? dry lube? or just wipe it with a rag?

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    Just insert your tool into the splines of the lockring and stick an appropriate wrench on the tool and turn to remove. Turn the other way to tighten. Hold the tire/rim for levereage with the other need to touch the rotor at all once it is installed on the splined part of the hub.

    Cleaning gunk is always recommended. Remove and set aside the rotor when doing the cleaning so that you avoid getting greasy gunk or cleaner on the rotor.


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