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    Derailler claw bent and stuck

    Hi folks,

    I'm having a problem with an old SunTour V-GT Luxe derailleur I just got for one of my vintage bikes. I noticed the claw was bent so instead of trying to mess with it, I ordered a new claw for it. Unfortunately when I tried to replace it this morning the claw will not come off. I put it in a vice and tried with all my strength to remove it, but no-go.

    Now the claw isn't bent much - just enough to worry me that it might cause problems shifting. I can keep trying to remove it, but I'm worried that the nut and the allen key hole might take some serious damage if I really pull out all the stops in trying to get it out. On the other hand, if I try to bend it back, I worry about metal fatigue from re-bending the claw and potentially missing and hitting the derailleur (not that I think I would do that, but I guess it's possible). So what do I do? Do I keep trying to remove it, or do I try to hammer it back into shape?

    Right now I'm thinking of hammering it. The claw looks like stainless steel, so I don't think it would lose strength or become brittle from a little re-bending.

    What do you guys think?
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    Are you sure the claw is the removable type?

    On a non-indexed derailleur system, the only problem that is likely to come from slight misalignment of the RD is the RD hitting the spokes. If you can adjust the derailleur so it gets into every gear but is still comfortably clear of the spokes then it should be OK.

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