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    Old cranks on new BB squeak

    Posted this in SSFG, but realized this was a better place (though it is on my track bike). Shimano 600 cranks from 1988 on a new Sugino square taper BB and it's creaking a lot. Is there anything I can do besides tightening the crank arm bolt as hard as I can? I know it's the arms because after I put torque on it (ride up a hill) it starts squeaking again, then I'll tighten the bolts, but it still squeaks (did this several times). I'm thinking that since the cranks are old they have lost their square-ness, while the new bb is perfectly square. Will they eventually wear together and the squeaking will go away?
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    Try putting some grease on the taper , it will help and what other will tell you is it a bad idea to do is not true . With grease on there the arms will not creep higher onto them .

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