Hi, a while back I was running a 22/32/44 and finding that for road use, I was mostly using the 32 chainring and wearing out my chain pretty quickly due to so few teeth carrying the load (i.e. the crank didn't suit my needs).

I swapped the 32 for a 36t ring and tried to use the same triple FD, which required raising it qutie a bit to avoid rubbing when shifting to the middle ring (which was expected honestly).

What I did find, is that a road double FD (originally on a bike with a 50/42 crankset) actually shifts quite well, even granny to middle ring..which I did not expect. I was thinking that I'd have to go 22 up to 44, then drop back down -- but this isn't a problem in practice.

Anyone else run a double FD with a triple crankset that isn't a half-step granny? I was pretty surprised by this, and am obviously quite happy.