So I've been riding a mercier Kilo frameset for a while. A little while ago i picked up a newer miche advanced crankset off of craigslist for an excellent price. the 144bcd one. It also came with 2 different iso bottom brackets. 108mm and 110mm. Everywhere i looked told me that this crank used the shorter spindle length. once the cranks were installed, they looked dangerously close in hitting the chainstays. later, i tried using the 110mm, which looked better, but after a few rides i was hearing/feeling a horrible "clunk" noise. Now i've heard these bb's tend to come loose, so i removed the cranks and bottom bracket and cleaned/regreased the threads. i do bike delivery and after about a day of riding im feeling it again, although not as horrifyingly bad. could it be that i am installing this bottom bracket incorrectly? i am following the same directions that i have used for any other one. should i use loctite? am i missing something that should be obvious?