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    Argon 18 owners have same problem? wobbly crankset

    i have an Argon 18 road bike. The Crankset is slightly wobbly.

    I like to ask if anyone has had similar problem. Who owns same brand of bike. Argon brands

    The bike is I think bought in 2006 or 2007.

    The crankset is built right into the bottom bracket as it is one piece.
    To remove the whole thing you take off the other crank leg and pull the whole thing out
    Almost like a One piece. But is of med to top range,

    Right now the problem is . The bottom bracket and crank set is in the bike fully.
    Its all the way in as it is suppose to be.

    but the crankset side is slightly wobbly.
    It won't come off or anything, but more less annoying.

    there is nothing to tighten it with, as no more screws

    how do i tighten this crank set?

    PS - sorry guys for the repeated post. As I had same post else where in this forum
    I reposted as I wanted to see if anyone who a similar brand of bike encountered same problems. and see what they did with it.


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    if you can post some pics of the BB area that would help
    Kleins, Kleins...everywhere there's Kleins

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