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    What would be considered too great a difference in spoke tension, drive/non-drive

    Rebuilding a Mavic Open Pro rim, Ultegra hub, 32 butted spokes and wondered what you consider too excessive a difference in spoke tension between a drive and non-drive side spokes on a rear wheel? In order to get the rim aligned so dish is similar on both sides (don't have a dishing tool, must simply turn over wheel in the Park truing stand). As always, thank you for your input.

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    Your determinant is the drive side tension WHEN dished.

    Ignore the non-drive. Aim for about as get as close as you can to 110 kgf.

    When using the flip method to dish - rotate the axle - note the extent left and right THEN

    ...flip the wheel over and rotate the axle again noting the extent left and right.

    Any difference indicates more dish work is needed.

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    I don't really worry about the tension on the NDS as long as the DS is up to par. the NDS "is what it is".

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