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    Singlespeed cogs for Campy freehubs

    Hello, I got a few n00b questions
    Just got hold of a set of beautiful old Vento wheels like this. It has an old evenly splined 7-8 speed Campy freehub body like the first image here. I live in a flat city so I usually ride singlespeeds but all my stuff (cogs, spacers etc.) are for the Hyperglide freehub I used so far. So my questions are
    - can I change the axle on the Vento somehow to a HG? I'd like to keep the original hub (fits the wheel and looks great). I'm guessing that's not possible but I'm no mechanic by any means.
    - if not, are there any manufacturers making singlespeed cogs/spacers for Campy freehubs? I didn't find any


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    I found this single speed kit for Campy but it does not include a cog:

    From my searches it looks like you'll be stuck buying an entire cassette then taking it apart to get a cog:

    Ebay may be a much cheaper option, or try and call some bike shops and see if they have any used 8 speed cassettes laying around. Most only have a few worn cogs anyway.

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