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    Shimano R310 road shoes - threaded inserts stripped or rotating? how to replace?

    I have a pair of Shimano R310 shoes. Great shoes by the way... I tried replacing my cleats last night but could not unscrew the cleat bolts.

    When I started unscrewing, it feels like the threaded inserts are spinning with the screw. Or in some of the holes, I'll feel resistance for a half turn, then it breaks free... then resistance for another half turn and breaks free again. In any case, I can't remove the screws.

    Tried removing the insole to get at the threaded inserts, but it looks all sealed up. There's another layer sewn into the shoe. No direct access to the

    I saw this plate on-line. Anyone know if it will work? How do I rip my old ones out and replace?

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    It sounds like the threads in the plate have been stripped. They are formed by directly tapping the steel plate which has been punched in a way to create a short cylinder on the surface (common method of creating substantial threads in sheet metal). Since the screw won't back out on its own, you'll probably have to drill the head off to release the cleat.

    Once you get the cleat off, you'll need to figure out how to remove the old plate because you'll have to replace it or at least remove it to modify it. Shimano doesn't have any information online for their shoes so you may be stuck calling/emailing them. On my Shimano MTB shoes, the insole comes out and then a piece of plastic tape (that you install to "seal" the cleat holes after installation) needs to be removed to access the plate. Newer road shoes are probably different.

    If you can't find a replacement plate, I would suggest grinding off the cylinder on the sheet metal and replacing the threads by using a thin nut, or jam nut, in the appropriate size. You'll need to hold the nut from spinning with a wrench when tightening your cleats but at least your shoes will be useable.

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