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    SA shifter cable termination

    The cable that came with my new Sturmey Archer SRC3 was way too long so I cut it and the housing at the hub end after getting some connector sleeves from the local bait and tackle shop.

    This thread in C&V describes the process somewhat:

    but I cannot crimp the sleeves without deforming them to the point where they no longer fit into the threaded connector (anchorage?). I tried to solder with flux on the cable, some electrical solder and a torch, but that also left a lump too large to fit into the connector.

    Alternatively, would one of these anchorages

    work with the new SA hubs? I guess the question may be, is the indicator chain that comes with the new kits backward compatible with the old style anchorage that uses a nut and bolt to attach the cable?

    If anyone could suggest another approach or specific tools or techniques I'd be grateful.

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