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    rubber boots on hubs??

    I have some wheel on an older canondale r400 caad3 and it has those rubber boots on the hubs. How do i get around those to do maintence like repacking the bearings? I dont want to pull them off because it would appear they are sealed or pressed into a lip on the hub and im afriad if i pull that lip out of hte hub it wont be able to get it to seat back in there properly.

    Is there a trick here? Whats the deal ont these rubber boots? I have another wheelset from a late 90s fuji. Same deal although the previous owner appears to have tried to pull the boot away and ti tore around the lip area. I have not had these apart either because im not sure how to tackle it.

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    No clue as to the parts pick that is on your bike's build list.
    Bike companies are a brand name on a frame,
    they buy everything else from other component manufacturing companies

    seems no issue taking them off current Shimano boots, on some budget hubs.

    Suggest you offer a picture , perhaps? make it a series of close ups.
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