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    Pacific Evolution 26" Derailluer issues..

    okay, so I have a Pacific Evolution 26" Mountain Bike that I been riding a lot lately. Just replaced the shifters and all the cables on it since they were broken/wearing out. I still have this headache with the front derailleur no matter how I adjust it on the seat-post or adjust the high/low screws. It just won't shift into the lowest cog, and the very rare occasion that it does, the cage ends up rubbing the tire a ridiculous amount and I'm forced to adjust the screw to get the cage away from the tire. This leaves me stuck riding on the second and third cogs.

    Do I need to replace the FD? I notice when I'm turning the shifter that the cage barely moves, when going for the lowest gear, and moves a minimal amount switching from the middle to high gears but enough to bump the chain back and forth on the two.
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    I assume that the FD used to work, and you're not slipping in a ringer by having switched to a wider rear tire without saying. In that case you're likely dealing with a cage alignment problem with the cage being angled heel (back) in slightly. If not, and the cage's outer plate is parallel with the chainrings, then possibly it's bent.

    Start by disconnecting the cable and adjusting the trim via the inner limit screw so the inner plate just clears the chain when it's coming from the largest rear sprocket. If it clears the tire, manually shift it (push the lever arm) to the middle and let go and see if it shifts OK.

    Now set the lever to the inner position, connect the cable taking up all the slack, and retest the low to middle and back shift. Once tou get that OK the mid to outer shift should follow without more adjustment, except maybe setting the outer limit to push the cage in a hair against the cable tension.
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