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    Disc Brake Question

    My son bought a used C'Dale 900SX "Jekyll" Mtn bike with RX Formula Hyd. Disc brakes (Italian), that came on it. The rotors are in excellent shape and the Levers/Calipers appear to work fine. 26" tire and 4 bolt mount 7" rotors. C'Dale has discontinued these brakes so parts are difficult to get.

    We have had the brakes bled and pads replaced by the LBS. Yet we still get lousy brake performance. Our LBS doesn't normally deal with C'Dale bikes and are at a loss as to what's next. I do a lot of bike wrenching on my own stuff but have never dealt with hydraulics or discs.

    My only thoughts are that either the master cylinder won't hold pressure or the rotors are too small in relation to the tire size, as in not enough moment. Anyone have experience with these brakes? Ideas? bk

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    The new pads need time to break in . It might take 10 - 20 times of using the brakes before the pads are broken in . With the lines being bled hope there isn't air in the lines .

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