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    Water on the Freehub

    Alright, for a while my drive train would click under load. Took it to the shop worried out of my mind that it was the crankset or the bottom bracket. Turns out it was the freehub. According to the wrench at the LBS, it either got wet in the rain or during routine washing and the flippers were locked.

    In any event, he cleaned them up, and lubed it and got it done. Everything was smooth as silk for two months and it started happening again very suddenly. I'm pretty religious about cleaning my drive train (about twice a month), and I figured water is getting into the freehub when I wash my bike since I don't ride in the rain very often.

    So my question is...

    How do I wash my bike/drive train without getting water into the freehub, and assuming that is impossible, how do I get the water out to prevent corrosion after each washing? Please bear in mind, I don't have a chain whip tool to remove my cassette so it isn't something I can do for myself, especially every time I do a wash.

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    Freehubs are pretty tough, I'm surprised to hear you're having a problem with one. Is it Shimano or another brand? I've had a Shimano Freehub completely submerged in a creek once and it's still going fine. The axle bearings are another story...

    Anyway, once they're cleaned out they should be lubed with a light-medium weight oil, not grease. Depending on how the LBS rebuilt it could be causing these problems.
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