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    Drive Train Clicking

    I have a CAAD10 that has developed a click. Less than a year old, about 3500 miles on the bike.
    Roughly once per revolution, typically on the right side down stroke it makes a sharp click or tick noise.
    Usually it is just a single click but sometimes it becomes a double or quadruple click.
    The clicking gets less and goes away after about 40 mins of riding sometimes.
    I have removed and cleaned the cranks several times, sometimes it makes the click go away for a day or so, sometimes it doesn't help.
    It makes the click while standing and sitting, with my hands on the handlebar and not on the handlebar.
    Any ides of what it would be?

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    Tracking down the source of this kind of a click is a long annoying process of elimination. Start with the simplest, switch the pedals with another pair. If that solves the problem, it might not actually be the pedal, bit the threads, so cleaning and greasing alone might solve it.
    Chain-L site

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    Put the bike on a stand, take the chain off the rings and spin the cranks. Just to make sure it isn't the BB.

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