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    KMC Z8 w/ missing link coupled with shimano hg rear cogset....

    Ok, I have a history with KMC chains and shimano cogsets. Every bike I have ridden with both of these components always give me fits. ITs the same problem, I checked online to see the correct term. I guess the best way to describe what happens is "ghost shifting". But its not really ghostly, its more monstrous.

    This is what happens.

    I ride a bike any bike , road or mountain bike, I use the big ring and middle ring or greater in the back. I ride hard, eventually I hear a large "crack" noise from the rear cogset and the chain slips down a cog smaller size. Now this doesn't happen once or twice, it happens MANY times. Its almost regular. I know within time it bends and chips the teeth of the cogset. It happens every time I use KMC chains with Shimano cogsets.

    Whenever I use a shimano chain with a shimano cogset, NOTHING. Its smooth as butter.

    So is it just me or do KMC Chains suck with HyperGlide cogset systems? Checking online, it looks like it happens a lot. That brings me back to another question. WHY DO Companies like KHS still ship KMC Chains with Shimano cogsets!!!! Its irritating and now I have to spend more money on another chain!!!

    A little more info, this recently happened with a bike from my lbs that was tuned and ready. 2011 KHS Flite 300 Road Bike, btw.

    Checking the specs online on KMC's website, it says this chain is HG compatible, yet it has none of the kmc technology that other chains have. This chain is cheap as ****. wtf.
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    There's nothing wrong with KMC chains. If the bike is ghost shifting, the derailler needs to be adjusted. If the chain is slipping on the cassette, the cassette, the chain, or both are worn and need to be replaced.

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