I just put the 7 speed down tube shifters on my bike. They were not just a simple installation. The shifters would only rotate in 90 degree increments around their mount and the cable feed on the shifters was fixed with the indexing points. So it was impossible to get the shifters positioned where I wanted and have the cable feeder pointed in the right direction.

My solution was to position the shifter levers as needed and then to route the cable behind the cable feeder. Things are working great but look unprofessional.

I was thinking that maybe these shifters were being sold as down tube shifters but were really quil mounted shifters; however the clamp was the correct size for the down tube. I also thought that maybe some shifters are installed so that the left side controls the rear derailer and the right side controls the front derailer.

Does anyone know how I might get a better installation?