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    Touching up rust spots on powder coat

    Hi all,

    Quick question. I had my bike stripped and powder coated black almost two years ago. It's an '84 Trek 620, and it had some rust spots on it, and I was never wild about the original color. Had it professionally done, and all the corrosion was definitely gone before the powder coat went on. Anyway, I recently noticed that the powder coat has worn off of the edges of the lug above the bottom bracket shell, and that rust has formed there. Is there some way I can kill the rust, and touch the powder coat up a bit? Would Rustoleum work? If so, which of their products should I use? Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers.

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    Any paint would be better than none . small bottle with brush in the cap is convenient.
    rust is oxidized iron, paint is a barrier,
    but best if the rust is taken back to bare metal , then painted.

    Yup, when melted it runs off some edges, runs , builds up on bottom edges,
    no way to not have that happen.. it seems. behavior like that in liquids ..

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