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I'm thinking since I spend most of my time on the hoods, ST-2300 would be fine for my needs - yes, no, maybe??? But has ST-2400 replaced 2300?
Answering my own ST-2300 vs. ST-2400 shifter question, I find that ST-2400 was introduced last year as a replacement for ST-2300, and indeed the big difference is the change from button to lever shifter. But whether this is an improvement seem to be a matter of debate.

Gone is the thumb shifter of the 2300 groupset, replaced by the mechanism found on all of Shimano’s upscale mechanical groupsets, in which the brake lever and a second lever operated by the index finger control shifting. Shimano claim the design offers a more intuitive feel; a sentiment Campagnolo is unlikely to share. The gear indicator, superfluous to more experienced riders and notably absent on Shimano’s more sophisticated groupsets, is retained from 2300
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