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    Closest available replacement for a Schwinn 24" S-5/S-6 wheel

    I'm helping restore a 1975 Schwinn Town & Country trike, and we need a new front wheel. The rear wheels are original Schwinn S5 rims:

    ISO: 37-547/32-547
    Fractional Inches: 24x1-3/8 24x1-1/4
    Bead seat: 1715
    Rim Spec: Schwinn S-5, S-6

    The front at some point in time had been replaced with a 26" wheel, which is now in horrible shape, and puts the bike nose-up, even with a flat front tire. We plan to replace both rear tires with new S-5 comparable tires, but are willing to go with a more common replacement front wheel, but want to get a wheel/tire combo up front that puts the bike as close to original posture as possible.
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    Ref Sutherlands: next smaller is 600A 541, then 540, a 24-1 3/8, small 3 speeds would use them,
    there is some exchange-ability there..

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