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    Ultegra 6600 shifter issues

    Got a few questions:
    1) I'm highly consideing getting new shifters (or at least less used shifterx) for my bike which has older 6600 shifters. I have noticed that the shifting which used to be really good has gotten very clunky over the past few years (even when adjusted properly). Does anyone else notice this and do you think it would make a significant difference if I got new/newer shifters (I use the bike for racing and its relativly important for me to have well working equipment). The rear derailleur hanger is slightly bent (how much could this contribute to the problem?)

    2) relating to the same issue, i was at a race about 2 weeks ago and my front shifter was jammed. I took it to the mechanic and as he was remounting the front cable, some little metallic piece came flying out of the shifter. I asked him what it was and he said it was a piece that held the front cable in place and that once there was no tension on the cable there would be nothing to hold it in place. Anyone have any idea what this is? After he lubed it and remounted everything, it seems to be working except for I have NO trim on the front anymore. Given the clunkyness, I'm afraid these shifters are on their last leg and are going to bust on me at an important race.

    Am I over concerned or is it a good idea I search ebay for some new/better shape ones?

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    1 - The bent RD hanger may be causing a lot of your issues, also, have the cable inners & outer been / need replacing?

    2 - Pictures? was it the pear nipple that had broken off or another part? was the mechanic just doing a quick job to fix and get you back in the race, rather than what would be done on a more in depth service? have you had a go at adustusting the cable once it has had time to stretch?

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