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    Sturmey Archer S-RF5(W) trouble engaging

    Hey, I'm having some trouble with this hub:

    I converted it into an oil-based hub last year, and everything worked peachy. However, after taking out the internals for an oil bath + replacing the shift cable after the winter, the hub has trouble engaging.

    The hub no longer engages in the lower two gears. No matter whether I tighten or loosen the cable tension, the hub will freewheel forward after the indicator rod has been pulled out a certain length from the axle.

    Any ideas? I thought maybe something with the pawls internally got thrown off, but that's the only thing I can think of. Could the tightness of the drive side cone affect this? I tightened per Sheldon's recommendation (make it tight and back off 1/2 turn or so).

    Thanks for the help,

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