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    IGH oil lubrication conversion - questions

    Hi, I'm considering using oil to lubricate 2 Nexus 3 speed hubs that I have. I had a couple of questions:

    1. Can I do this simply by adding oil via the hole where the bell crank side is? If you do this, how does the old oil with particles get out of the hub?

    I know with the old SA hubs that were oil lubricated there was a way that the contaminated oil eventually worked it's way out? Is that right? Sheldon talks about this at any rate...

    2. Can an oil port be added without the use of tapping (I don't know how to use a tap)?

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    You can add oil through the axle where the bell crank sits; it will eventually work its way out past the cones and/or the bell crank. Whether this is a Good Idea or not is questionable if the hub was designed for grease lubrication.

    You can add an oil port without tapping. The plastic Sturmey-Archer oil port cap is press-fitted into the hub shell, but if you drill a hole in the shell be sure to remove the mechanism first so metal debris doesn't fall into the works.

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