I recently bought a rear HED Alps wheel off some craigslist dude who advertised it as having a broken hub.

The hub, with no obvious brand, is split open like it was a host to the "Alien" alien. Cracked open clean through the whole body, with additional breakage at the flange to set some spokes free.

So I am trying to remove the spokes to see if the rim itself might still be usable. HED says don't bother; return the wheel to them for 20 percent off a new one or something like that. But I want to try regardless, simply to practice wheelbuilding and to tinker. I would never guess the hub to be the weak point in a wheel, but surprisingly it seems to be the only part that sustained visible damage. All the spokes, even, are whole.

On the nondrive side, the spoke nipples are at the hub and are typical square sided jobs. The driveside spokes have their elbows at the hub and thread into nipples that are concealed within the rim. On the rim bed, you can see the nipples have a hex shape. It's between 4 and 5 mm. I am missing a 4.5 mm socket, but I assume that's what's needed unless HED is using SAE?

Anyone trued up a HED Alps clincher from 4 to 7 years ago? Remember the socket?