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    Fenders, P-Clamps, and Derailleurs, oh my!

    Hey all, I took this out of an older thread but I figure it's more appropriate as a new one.


    -Fenders. Possible? I'm looking to put them on the front and back. Looks like there's very little clearance under there though.
    -If I'm operating with fenders, I need P-clamps. No braze-ons. I need to look at P-clamp widths, but does anyone know the size given the width I've got here?
    -Front derailleur. As you can see I put the two cranksets next to eachother-- one's a mountain triple the other a road double that was originally on there. I imagine I'll have to swap the front to be able to work with the triple. (Probably the chain too.) Any words of advice here are great. If this only works with the easiest two chainrings then that also works.

    Here are some measurements I've taken:
    -Seat tube length is 20"
    -Brake range 2" in the front, 2 1/4 in the back (Never measured this before, I think I got it right)
    -Tire size 27 1x1/4
    -Seat stay width: 1.5cm

    That's all I've got for y'all, thanks for the help

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    There are fenders meant for tight clearance frames and usually they have a segment missing where they go under the brake arch. However, from what I can tell of your picture strandard Planet Bike or ESGE fenders may fit.

    As to P-clamps, they are a hardware store items as their normal use is to bundle electric cables and/or fasten pipes to a wall or beam. They come in a great variety of widths and diameters and can be made of steel, or plastic and many of the metal ones are rubber coated. Browse around the electrical and plumbing departments of any hardware or big box home store and select what you need.

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    If you have a Harbor Freight near you , they sell a P-clamp assortment for a few dollars. I used the 1/2" size to install a rack on my World Sport but my seat stays look like they might be narrower than yours.

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