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    Creaky Drive Train

    I recently installed an all new drive train on my commuter bike (chain rings, cassette, chain, bottom bracket bearings and rear derailleur pulleys). It shifts fine but makes an annoying creaking sound when pedaling under load, especially on the middle or small chain ring. I've lubed the chain and that seems to make no difference. Does anyone know what causes this creaking and how to alleviate it? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Have you checked the pedals? Clean and grease both pedal and crank threads and torque them correctly with a proper pedal wrench. I prefer to use stainless pedal washers as well. Also clean and adjust the pedal bearings if they are serviceable. If no joy, suggest you swap out your pedals, with platform type if available to eliminate clipless cleat issues, if used, as well as pedal problems.

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