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    Ritchey Pedal Problems

    Hello Everyone,

    I am relatively new to biking. About a month ago i purchased my first road bike and have been riding it about twice a week since. Today proved to be an interesting and painful experience for me. As I was starting my route (which requires some effort as it is uphill) my right foot comes completely off the bike. The cause of this was the clip less pedal coming completely off of the axle.

    I do not know if I am cycling properly, or if it is equipment failure. My limited bike knowledge tells me that the pedals just don't slide over the shaft and stay on, but i could be wrong. I am using a Cannondale R700 with ritchey pedals. The axle is smooth and does not show signs of abnormal wear with the end not being as smooth as the rest of it. I don't know if this is where the pedal is threaded into the shaft or what. All i know is my bike is now out of commission and i have to go put ice on a place that I don't want ice to be. Any advice/ diagnosis/ repair solutions are welcome. Please and thank you.

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    The Ritchey pedals were most likely an aftermarket addition by the orginal owner of the bike (take it this is a 2nd hand bike as the R700 was last produced in 2006, and wasn't shipped with pedals)

    Unless the pedals are a current model, and you can find a dealer who can get spares for them, would suggest that the easiest soluton is to replace. with new pedals, as depending on your location they have a 1/2 year warranty, for the original purchaeser only.

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