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    Campag. Veloce 10s + Other Crankset?

    Long story short.

    I bought a TI frame a few days ago. I was planning on fitting Campagnolo Veloce 10s with UT cranks but then i noticed that the left BB cup in Plastic was damaged, and the tool would just slip trying to get it out.

    As i've already spent hours trying to get a BB out of another frame i'm just going to leave this in this in for now. It's a 111mm axle with JIS spindle.

    I've found a few cheap cranksets that would fit the 111mm axle and give a reasonable chainline but i'm worried that the 'normal' 9/10s Chainrings wouldn't work together with the Campagnolo 10s chain.

    I also have a Stronglight Impact 9/10s Crankset that sat perfectly on the frame, but then again, the chainrings look so thick compared to the 'shark teeth' of the Campagnolo Veloce chainrings and i'm worried it wouldn't shift very well..

    Does anyone have any experience in running Campagnolo Chain, Gears & Shifters with Cranksets other than the Campagnolo?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    10 cog stuff, personal experience, no.. maybe the JIS crank will work, .
    the plastic side of Shimano UN cartridges will come out, after removing the steel side..

    Take the bike to a bike-shop. to have that taken care of..

    if the job is something that is beyond your own tools and experience

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