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    Avid Elixir R felt loose when its lever pressed

    Hi all,

    I've 2008 MTB which I've not been using for about 1.5 years and I stored my bike with every components installed except for wheels. Last week when I was trying to put the wheels on I found that pads within both calipers moved slightly forward leaving rotors unable to be installed. So, what I did was to push the pads aside to give more space for rotor.

    But later I found that each time I squeeze the levers I get some kind of "loose" feeling from the lever. So loose that if I squeeze more then the levers can touch my handle bar. I've also checked around my caliper and levers and didn't see any sign of oil leaks.

    Anyone knows how this happened and how to fix it ? please help me...

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    Perhaps there is air in the system. Have you tried bleeding them? An online search on "bleed Avid Elixir R" will yield many hits.

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