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    Specialized Roubaix Apex shifters

    I spent much time searching and the right answer seemed to be a Specialized Roubaix Apex, SRAM shifters, double ring in front. First two rides, same problem. In the beginning, everything was butter. Then after about a half an hour, I could not get the front derailleur to shift into the small ring. This kept up periodically until the end of the ride. I saw this sort of thing before with a Cannondale hybrid, ok for the first half an hour or so, then no front ring shifting after that. The problem there was worn out shifters. When I put it on my bike stand in the garage (sorry, truck, you now live outside) it was fine. Only happens after a little time goes by. Local bike shop that sold it says they can't replicate it and never heard of anything like this. I know what it does and I know how to use the shifters. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    Welcome Rob. I'm going to move this to the mechanic's forum for a better audience to try to get you some help.

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