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    Avid Elixr CR caliper piston sticks

    I have a new set of Avid Elixr CR and the rear caliper does not always retract evenly. I aligned the caliper with the pads evenly spaced on the rotor and after applying the brakes a few times the pistons will become unevenly spaced on the rotor causing one pad to touch the rotor which makes a light squealing noise. The pads are adjusted all the way out to get the max spacing on the rotor.

    Anyone know of a fix for this?

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    Page 26 of the Technical Manual has procedure for loosening sticky pistons: Here's an excerpt.

    Before completely disassembling your caliper,
    it’s worth trying to loosen the sticky piston. Try
    the following: Clamp bicycle in bicycle work
    stand. Spin affected wheel. lightly squeeze
    brake lever and watch brake pads when lever
    is released. determine which side of the caliper
    has a slow returning brake piston. Remove
    caliper from bicycle. If you have a mounting
    bracket, it is recommended to remove that too
    or just remove the caliper leaving the bracket on
    the fork or frame. Remove e-clip from guide pin
    groove on top of the caliper. Using a 2.5 mm hex
    wrench remove the guide pin from the caliper.
    Pull and remove both brake pads and h-spring.
    Using a 10 mm box wrench, press working
    piston into caliper body. Squeeze brake lever
    slowly to move sticky piston inward. Press
    the piston back into the caliper again. Repeat
    these steps to correct caliper piston inner o-ring
    position. Both pistons should now be moving
    freely. Re-install spring pad clip, h-spring, and
    pads into caliper. Re-install caliper onto bicycle.
    Spin wheel, check function. If there is no
    improvement, continue with caliper service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayd2 View Post
    I have a new set of Avid Elixr CR

    Anyone know of a fix for this?
    Take them back to the shop you get them from, this is a warranty issue, and should be sorted out by the shop. playing around with it, if you don't know what you are doing could void this warranty.

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