I swapped the Force crank off one bike to my Synapse. Both are BB30. It installed fine but I was having issues getting the FD to shift right. I pulled the crank and removed the thin plastic spacer on the drive side thinking that moving the crank inboard a bit would solve the shifting problem. However, when threading the right arm back on it seems to bottom out (inside the arm) before it compresses the little wavy washer on that side.

Obviously I don't want to strip anything when there isn't any more room. How do I address the apparent wide gap and make sure the whole crank presses in properly? I did add the spacer from the drive to the non-drive side but now there are two plastic spacers there plus the wavy washer. Seem like a lot of stuff in there. Is there a more elegant solution? Even with the extra spacer it seems to bottom out before fully against the bearings.