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    Locking Out Rockshox or Switch to Rigid

    I have a 12 year old mountain bike that I'm riding again and making more roadworthy. So far, I've gone through and adjusted the seat and handlbars to a comfortable position and switched the 2+" wide tires for some 26"x1.4"'s. So far it has helped and I can comfortably ride on the bike.

    The problem I'm running into is that I have a Rockshox Jett T2 suspension fork that I would like to lockout or replace with a rigid. I measured the fork and bike. It's a 1 1/8" threaded with a 120mm smooth steer tube and 25mm of threads.

    1. Is there a way to mechanically lock out the existing Rockshox?
    2. If I decide to go with a rigid fork, what measurements am I looking for online to order one?

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    1 - no, Jetts were budget forks at the time, and can't be upgraded
    2 -As long as the fork is listed as suspension corrected, the length isn't an issue.

    You most likely have a 1 1/8th inch headset (you need to measure to confirm) and if so realistically, you probably need to change to an ahead headset, as most forks aren't normally supplied as threaded today. This will require an new headset & stem. Additionally most forks now are disc brake only, ones with canti/v bosses are still around, but will need some searching.

    If you have a 1" fork, getting a threaded / cant boss one will probably be easier.

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