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    Specialized Allez Sport - Headset headache!!

    Hi, I've been riding my Spec Allez for 3 years now. To be honest the headset has never really felt smooth since I had it from new.
    I thought I'd start start doing some maitenance myself and the headset was on my list along with new chain rings + chain.
    I had a look on you-tube and it all seem pretty simple "knock out forks, change bearings" right?
    I knocked out forks and bearings flew all over the place. Headset was a bit of a mess!!! the bearings were corroded and pitted along with the rings. What sort of crazy design is this?
    the question is... Can I upgrade to intergrated bearings like Cane Creek? if so do you know which ones.
    I hear Specialized headsets are a bit awkward. I am really having trouble finding any information on it, but there must be loads of people who have upgraded this poor design?
    All info will be very much appreciated.

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    If it were my bike, I'd knock out the old headset and pay a LBS to install a Crane Creek or similar. When my Specialized Allez Elite frame cracked at the headtube, I thought I might be able to salvage the headset but it was badly pitted and corroded. The new frame got a new headset which I installed myself but would have been done better by a shop.
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