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    removing cassette/freewheel from old hub?

    I posted yesterday about unscrewing half of a bottom bracket off an old '80s panasonic dx1000. Well, I got that done with some help from you guys, but ran into a similar problem with the rear hub. How would I remove the pictured thing?

    I'm guessing a pin spanner wrench for the outer ring, and a park fr2 for 2 prong suntour freewheel things? I just want to be sure before I buy the tools. I tried jimmyrigging a pin spanner with an old coat hanger like I did yesterday, but it didn't work this time.


    Edit: Nevermind! I found a video of someone using the park fr2 to remove the same freewheel I have on my rear hub. I don't know how to delete threads though.
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    Yep, two prong freewheel remover. Nice thing about that photo is that it shows two very clean and very straight notches. So securing the tool and removing should be pretty straight forward. You are a lucky guy!

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