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    Press-Fit Wheel Bearing Difficulty

    I am having some difficulties replacing a pair of cartridge bearings in my powertap sl 2.4 hub. My bearings are ridiculously worn, but I haven't had the time to replace them until now. When I pulled the axle out, I realized that the sleeve inbetween the bearings takes up all the space in between. So basically, I can't get inside the hub with something to tap the bearings out since the inside is just one smooth tunnel running from cartridge to cartridge.

    Does anyone know what I should do to remove the bearings?


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    You know that Cycleops (Powertap) has a website, with email, customer support number, etc. Right?

    Google is your friend...or at least a friend that spies on you.

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    You need a bearing remover. Here' a link:
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    One of these will do it: The bearing can't be reused.

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