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    Garage sale find: '83 Schwinn Traveler Questions

    The owner said it had been hanging in the rafters since he had moved into the house 18 years ago.
    I believe it's all original right down to the Schwinn branded gumwall tires.
    Sorry, no pics since my digital camera is broken but it looks like this pic from the '83 catalog and is the same colors, maroon and gold.

    The rear hub is 126mm but the rear dropout spacing is 130mm, there were 2 2mm spacers on each side to make it fit.
    Any reason not to go with a 130mm hub on the replacement wheel? Preferably a QR type?

    The RD is a Suntour with a claw type hanger, can I replace it with a Tourney 6-7 speed and a 7 speed freewheel?

    The claw type RD's have a nut that fits in the rear section of the horizontal dropout, is it reasonable to not use that nut and allow the hub to "bottom out" in the dropouts thus gaining a slightly longer wheelbase?
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    I would just use the adapter claw that's already in the dropout and then you can use whatever rear derailleur you want. I wouldn't worry too much about the dropout spacing. The chainstays are fairly flexy and the dropouts are relatively thin, stamped steel.....clamp inward, force outward, within a few mm it's not going to matter a bit.....I once had a '79 Traveler and later an '83 Schwinn le tour luxe. I really like those bikes. Good luck with your Traveler!

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