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    Speedplay RIGHT Pedal- FAIL... it does always or is it me?

    I absolutely love the feel of fresh pair of speedplay pedals wirh cleats. Especially the Zero line with the fine-tune adjustability of float.

    But I've had 3 pairs now and despite regular greasing the bearings of the right pedal fail after less than 5,000 miles.


    I've done the 'replace bearing kit' thing but am starting to think there is a design flaw. Am I always going to be fighting with this? Are the bearings of the Speedplay system just too small and applicable to only the true 'A' race bike or other such sponsored-type rigs? I like the bike light (carbon tubulars, carbon frame, sub 15lb) but this dissapointment every 8 to 12 months of 'here we go again the right pedal bearing is going' is getting kinda old.

    Am I alone?
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