I bought a set of used 2002 Ksyrium SSC SL's.

There was a 2mm gap between the the top of the rear hub bearing adjustment cap and the hub body. I adjusted it slightly tighter and the axle became very sticky to the turn. I took the axle apart with the proper tools and saw that there is a rubber seal about 4mm thickness between the bearing adjustment cap and the large sealed cartriage bearing. I realized when the bearing adjustment cap is tightened towards the bearing, it is hitting the rubber seal (which has a smaller inner diameter than the diameter of the adjustment cap) therefore making the axle bind up.

My understanding is that the bearing adjustment cap is supposed to be able to tighten down so its bottom edge touches and apply pressure to the inner sleeve of the bearing.


1. Is the rubber seal supposed to be there? (I took apart the front hub's bearing adjustment cap, and there is no rubber seal underneath, just the cartridge bearing.)

2. Can anyone point me to an assembly drawing of the Ksyrium rear hub?